Sustainability at DORMA
 Sustainability at DORMA
 Sustainability at DORMA
 Sustainability at DORMA
 Sustainability at DORMA

Sustainability at DORMA

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Our commitment to a sustainable future

We are committed to sustainable development as one of our business maxims. DORMA's aim is to ensure energy-saving and resource-conserving production, a high recycling ratio and the longevity of our quality products. With comprehensive advice, innovative products and an international service capability, we are able to make a significant contribution to energy efficiency and to drive cost savings derived from sustainable building concepts. Through our involvement in national organisations around the world, we at DORMA support the idea of the World Green Building Council.

The DORMA Group Policy

We ensure compliance with our values, mission, vision and strategy through the implementation of corresponding management systems and associated processes. Said management systems contain rules governing adherence to statutory regulations, established standards, customer requirements and our own quality specifications, while also promoting environmental care and conservation, efficient resource utilisation and a proactive approach to occupational health and safety.

With our high-quality products and comprehensive advice and support, we contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings in sustainable building concepts.

We satisfy customer requirements and requests through

  • resource-efficient, application-specific and solution-aligned product and process development work,
  • involvement in the drafting of technical rules and regulations,
  • reliable production processes achieved through te use of advanced manufacturing systems, and
  • supply operations on the basis of the very latest logistical concepts.

Together, these aspects, activities and attributes yield ecologically and economically sound, durable solutions characterised by their qualitative excellence.  New processes and products are introduced on the basis of strict criteria governing quality, ecological acceptability, energy efficiency and occupational health and safety.

We pursue open stakeholder communication.

We examine and assess our activities and products with respect to cost-efficiency, quality, consumption of natural resources, environmental compatibility and pollution potential, energy efficiency and consumption, occupational health and safety, and environmental protection, with the purpose of achieving continuous improvement. And we ensure our business partners are involved in all related endeavours.

Product Certificates

Environmental Product Declaration IBU Membership CertificateIBU Logo 

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are a worldwide accepted eco-labeling and are based on a holistic life cycle assessment according to ISO 14040/14044. They are used for the calculation of the sustainability of buildings. Even some of the DORMA products are provided with an EPD which you can download below.

Download of DORMA Product EPDs

DORMA TS 93 (english)

DORMA Door Handles Premium Series (english)
DORMA Door Handles Plus Series (english)
DORMA Window Handles Premium Series (english)

DORMA MOVEO (english)
DORMA Variflex (english)
DORMA Varitrans (english)

Download of association EPDs

Door Closers (english)

Locking Cylinders (english)

Locks (english)

Download of member certificate of the "Institut für Bauen und Umwelt (IBU)"

Membership certificate (english)

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