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Public spaces call for access that is both aesthetically pleasing but also able to move large amounts of traffic through entrances and buildings. DORMA's range of automatic doors enable access for all.

  • more » Aldo Leopold Legacy Center -Baraboo, WI (USA)

    The Aldo Leopold Legacy Center in Baraboo, Wisconsin, bears witness to the new resource awareness that reigns in the land once famous for its insatiable hunger for energy. The charity building designed and constructed by The Kubala Washatko Architects uses locally generated energy so efficiently that it can be operated as a completely CO2-neutral envelope. The Leopold Legacy Center was awarded a platinum certificate by the American Green Building Council in 2007.

    Aldo Leopold Legacy Center -Baraboo, WI (USA)

  • more » Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Alexandria (EGY)

    The cultural center Bibliotheca Alexandrina opened in April 2002 was built under the auspices of UNESCO, and aims to build on the glorious past of the ancient library.

    Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Alexandria (EGY)

  • more » Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center - Buford, GA (USA)

    The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center (GEHC) explores the impact of water on our history and everyday lives and the water management challenges we face in the future. The 59,000- square-foot demonstration building includes community meeting spaces, class rooms, historical displays, and a hands-on learning lab for children.

    Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center - Buford, GA (USA)

  • more » Fairview Baptist Church - Greer, SC (USA)

    Before moving into their new home, the Fairview Baptist church conducted services in a 40-year-old, out-dated facility. The older building was neither large enough nor up-to-date enough to meet the needs of the growing congregation. Years of planning culminated in a new 149,000 sq ft, $12 million campus, with a worship center seating up to 1,500 as the focal point.

    Fairview Baptist Church - Greer, SC (USA)

  • more » Clinton Presidential Center and Library - Little Rock, AR (USA)

    The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Center and Library calls to mind President Clinton’s campaign slogan “building a bridge to the 21st century.” The Library reaches up and out over the Arkansas River - providing dramatic views of the river, the city of Little Rock, and the chain of city parks that extends to and throughout the Library grounds. In addition to safely and securely storing the Clinton presidential archives, a primary design goal was to create clear interior vistas as striking as the exterior views.

    Clinton Presidential Center and Library - Little Rock, AR (USA)

  • more » Riverside Museum - Glasgow (GBR)

    Funded by Glasgow City Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Riverside Museum Appeal, this museum houses over 3,000 exhibits and showcases the city's transport, shipbuilding and engineering heritage.

    Riverside Museum - Glasgow (GBR)

  • more » The “Lutherkirche” – Heidelberg (GER)

    Heidelberg architects Rolf Schütte and Gerhard Beiler had an unusual and interesting brief. The new community centre of the “Lutherkirche” (Lutheran church) was to be directly linked to the church building while at the same time allowing flexible utilisation of the spaces provided. The community hall, the assembly rooms and the kindergarten “embrace” the church building both through their structure and their functionality. The two foyers and the corridors serve as the gateways linking old and new.

    The “Lutherkirche” – Heidelberg (GER)