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Sports and Entertainment venues demand that there is optimum visibility and the egress to and from events is safe and reliable.

  • more » Moses Mabhida Stadion - Durban (RSA)

    Located on the east coast and abutting the Indian Ocean, the city of Durban is South Africa's second largest metropolis with something over 3.1 million inhabitants. As one of the venues of the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Durban is also the home of a fascinating and grandiose arena - the Moses Mabhida Stadium. Named after Moses Mabhida, a politician widely revered by the people of South Africa, this marvel of construction represents both a technical and a visual milestone in stadium architecture.

    Moses Mabhida Stadion - Durban (RSA)

  • more » Budapest Sportarena - Budapest (HUN)

    Since 2003, a spaceship arena has been the second-largest building in Budapest “Use days” is the magic word for today’s successful stadium concepts. The French Bouygues Group demonstrates what that means in practice with the Budapest Sport Arena, completed in 2003.

    Budapest Sportarena - Budapest (HUN)

  • more » Dallas Cowboys Stadion - Arlington, TX (USA)

    Skyscrapers, airports, iceboxes - the Americans are famed for making everything that little bit bigger, and sports stadia are no exception. One of the most beautiful examples of this kind of gigantism is the Cowboys Stadium, the new home of the Dallas Cowboys American football team. The new arena with capacity for 80,000 spectators is topped by the world's largest moving dome roof, under which there would be room even for the Statue of Liberty.

    Dallas Cowboys Stadion - Arlington, TX (USA)

  • more » National Stadium, Warsaw (POL)

    The multi-purpose National Stadium was built in the years of 2008-2011 with a view to hosting the final of the UEFA Euro 2012 European Championship. It is the largest sports object in Poland allowing for the organisation of sports events, musical concerts and cultural events. It also provides office, commercial, hotel and gastronomy services. The stadium has the largest conference centre in Warsaw with a capacity of 1600 people.

    National Stadium, Warsaw (POL)