DORMA Hüppe turns the blinds principle upside down

DORMA Hüppe turns the blinds principle upside down

Blinds usually move from the top to the bottom in order to shade rooms or perhaps to serve as a privacy shield. DORMA Hüppe has turned this principle completely upside down and put it on the floor for the MOVEO Glass partition wall system since the integrated MOVEO Glass bottom up blinds with optional intermediate stop move from bottom to top.

In offices or separated meeting zones, the desired level of discretion can be created by means of the blinds. At the same time, this principle offers users the crucial advantage that the blinds can be closed only two thirds or three quarters of the way to provide effective privacy protection and thus still allow natural light in through the free upper section of the transparent glass.

Comfort control by remote control

The electric motor integrated into the upper section of the MOVEO Glass frame pulls the blind slats up from the bottom. Alongside the "open" and "closed" positions, the motor also has an optional intermediate stop position. This intermediate stop position is preset and can be individually defined by the user. In other words: the blinds stop at exactly the height that the user has previously specified.

The blinds can either be controlled simultaneously as a group or, in the comfort version, controlled individually for each MOVEO Glass element by means of a wall switch or conveniently by remote control. The blinds always take up their pre-defined positions. The blind slats are made from high-quality, silver-toned aluminium. The slats are also available in other colours upon request. With the MOVEO Glass bottom up blinds, DORMA Hüppe offers a particularly attractive solution which not only optically upgrades each MOVEO Glass partition wall but, at the same time, also offers the maximum number of possibilities for individual design.

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