Getting the Acoustics Right

DORMAcoustic sets new standards in sound absorption

Getting the Acoustics Right

Westerstede/Ocholt. Good acoustics are, of course, essential when it comes to getting the most out of a classical concert. However, acoustics are also important outside the realm of music enjoyment. Interior acoustic quality is also a crucial factor when it comes to making rooms comfortable and welcoming. Hard, smooth surfaces such as glass frontages or fair-faced concrete walls give rise to reflected sound with lengthy reverberation times perceived as echoey, disruptive noise. And that can be detrimental to the occupants’ feeling of wellbeing.

Offering excellent sound absorption coefficients, the new DORMAcoustic panels perform particularly well in this respect. With their 22 mm acoustically effective thickness, the panels are especially suited to absorbing sound in frequencies from 250 to 1,600 Hertz, the range most relevant for good speech audibility and intelligibility. DORMAcoustic is an exclusive, bespoke acoustic panel edition from DORMA Hüppe, especially tailored to the company’s MOVEO and Variflex operable partition systems. The construction is made up of a perforated composite surface, an acoustic fleece and an acoustic core.

Sound simply swallowed

The operating principle of the acoustic panels is actually quite straightforward: Room sound penetrates the perforations of the composite surface into the interior of the assembly where it is absorbed both by the acoustic fleece and the acoustic core. The acoustic surfaces come in a choice of two precision perforation patterns. The microfine perforation in particular ensures a balanced in-room acoustic performance with no visual trade-off. The hole diameter in the case of the microperferation option is 1.5 mm. It offers a sound absorption coefficient of αw = 0.50, as measured according to ISO 11654. The hole perforation of the second variant, a wide-band absorber, is 3 mm. In this case, the sound absorption coefficient determined per ISO 11654 is αw = 0.45. Both types of DORMAcoustic panel ensure especially good sound absorption to promote both verbal understanding and effortless listening pleasure in any interior environment. Customized perforation designs are also possible, depicting images, graphics or ornamental patterns as required, giving the interior design that certain special something in terms of individuality and personality. The acoustic surfaces are also available in a variety of attractive colors and decors.

Committed to ensuring a healthy interior environment, DORMA Hüppe is serious about sustainability in all that it does. So it goes without saying that the DORMAcoustic panels satisfy relevant health and environmental protection requirements, complying in the drilled state with class E1  as determined using the WKI test (Wilhelm-Klauditz Test per EN 717-1:2005-1), with values far below the permissible threshold according to the EU Chemicals Regulation.

Thanks to these sound-absorbing panels, both operable partition models can be readily integrated into more extensive spatial acoustic concepts. Offering good sound insulation values, both Moveo and Variflex allow concurrent events to be held without noise from one room unduly penetrating the other. And with the new DORMAcoustic surface, these advantages are further enhanced by a general reduction in in-room noise.

Fig. 1: DORMAcoustic absorbs noise to create an improved in-room ambience.
Fig. 2: With events running in parallel, sound absorption within each spatial unit can be as important as sound insulation between the rooms.
Fig. 3: DORMA Hüppe movable wall systems with DORMAcoustic paneling create the best possible conditions for all manner of communication-related event.

Westerstede/Ocholt, 16 July 2014

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