Movable Walls launches new branding strategy

Brands create customer loyalty through trust driven by awareness. Many well-known brands that come to mind have already achieved this. And this is precisely the approach dormakaba intends to adopt by uniting the three brand companies Dormahüppe, Modernfold and Skyfold under a shared corporate design.

The common denominators connecting these three suppliers of operable partitions are the globe, the typeface and, of course, affiliation to the dormakaba Group. The globe stands for globalization, digitization, automation and customer first – an integrating identifier for three high-equity brands of movable wall systems!

Each of these brands impresses through its own unique selling proposition: Dormahüppe was founded in 1889 and has developed into the leading supplier of high-quality movable wall systems, including the fully automatic ComfortDrive option. The Dormahüppe name also represents the very best in service and support. Founded in 1925, the American company Modernfold with its flexible folding panels and office partitions is synonymous with design excellence. Compared to its two sister companies, Skyfold is a relative newcomer. However, established in 1993, its unique vertically foldable acoustic walls have long been famed for exceptional functionality.

All three companies enjoy a high level of recognition in their respective market segments, but not necessarily in the other global markets. This is one of the reasons for the decision to combine these brands under a visually aligned and recognizable corporate design aimed at leveraging all synergies available. However, the most important consideration in this integrative move is that the three companies should continue to be regarded by customers as trusted and trustworthy partners in their own right.

Corona pandemic – we continue to be there for you

Dear customers and business partners, In these unprecedented times, we are all taking steps to limit the hazards which our employees and local area are exposed to. At the same time, we are determined to offer you the usual Dorma Hüppe service – both in terms of consultation, delivery times, maintenance, repairs etc.

Our contacts in sales and service are available by phone should you have any questions and appointments can be arranged by e-mail.

We wish you all the best, take care.
With kind regards