Dorma Hüppe opens up new possibilities for your career

Our excellent international reputation is all thanks to the people who work for us. Employees around the world who are all pursuing a clear goal: providing the best possible service and solutions for our customers.

Why don’t you take on this challenge? Our guiding principle is ongoing personal development. We are a learning organisation that believes that providing its employees with further training on a continual basis creates the best possible foundation. This is how we remain successful in a rapidly changing world.

Diversity and individual strengths at Dorma Hüppe

You already have your commitment, your expertise and your talents. Here at Dorma Hüppe, we will identify all these talents, develop them on an ongoing basis and nurture them in their entirety.

We value the diversity of our employees and will deploy you in areas that match your strengths and capabilities. This is how we ensure that you are best able to exploit your skills and add value to Dorma Hüppe in the right area for you – no matter whether you are just starting out in your career or you wish to take on one of our managerial or specialist positions. We do not focus on improving individual skills, but on facilitating integrated approaches to qualifications.

Training and school and university internships

Looking for an apprenticeship or internship? You can gain professional work experience here with us!

Ready to take the leap into the world of work? Or just testing the waters for now? You can do both here at Dorma Hüppe. As part of an internship or vocational training, you can experience the exciting day-to-day life of a successful leading company. Here at Dorma Hüppe, you won’t be left standing on the sidelines – you will take on your own responsibilities and assignments that will help you progress. And best of all: working alongside experienced professionals, you won’t be on your own – you will benefit from the backing and support of a real team.

Ready to take the leap into the world of work? Or just testing the waters for now? We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Specialists and managers

Working for Dorma Hüppe means being part of a community of true experts.

We are experienced players in our field and have already proven our skills on numerous occasions. And because we have good reason to display a healthy degree of self-confidence, we can do one thing above all else: listen to others, recognise their knowledge and achievements and consistently learn from each other as a result. We love openly exchanging ideas, opinions and information. And: we support each other. Even masters of their profession are able to excel in our culture of trust. And together we are continuously setting new standards in our market.

Can you identify with this? Then don’t hang around any longer – we’re looking forward to receiving your application!

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