Varitrans Straightline movable glass wall system

This movable wall system creates an open room ambience while safely separating functional zones. With its bespoke straightline profiles, it exudes excellence in craftsmanship, attractive design, solid robustness and lasting quality. Effortless operation can be further facilitated by functional elements such as integrated door closers, lock status indicators and door holders, as required. Whether straight or angled, it adapts flexibly to individual requirements and is ideally suited to both refurbishment projects and new builds.

  • Movable glass wall system with bespoke straightline profiles
  • Smart solutions for flexible, open-plan room configurations
  • Creative scope with glass as a design material
  • Innovative locking and security-enhancing solutions

Convincing combination of aesthetic elegance and functional efficiency

The Varitrans Straightline exudes excellence with its elegant craftsmanship, attractive design, solid robustness and lasting quality. A multitude of innovative safety, security monitoring and locking system solutions ensure reliable operation, with the extensive expertise of the DORMA Hüppe Service team always there to provide support. The operating options can be readily aligned to prevailing requirements, enabling various functional zones to be effortlessly, safely and quickly separated or merged.

Manual operation – easy, safe and reliable

The manual version impresses in terms of its easy operability and reliable functionality. The locking components, for example, are elegantly concealed in the frame profiles, with visual elegance further enhanced by an innovative door closer that is completely integrated within the door transom.

Optional extras add further operating ease, giving more control and enhanced safety and security.

Designing rooms in industrial style

With Varitrans Industrial Design, mobile room partitioning can be completed in an industrial architecture look. The style is characterised by struts in the typical black tone corresponding to RAL 9005, reviving the rugged charm of old factory floors. The struts are attached to the front of the glass surface with the glass edge visible. This creates stylish rooms with great transparency and openness, for a modern, creative, feel-good atmosphere.

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