Variflex – the sound-insulating operable partition system for flexible room assignment

With its wide range of system components, Variflex offers tailored solutions for virtually any layout and almost any application. With elegantly combined transparency and sound insulation, the system’s appearance, sophistication and ease of operation can be selected according to requirements.

  • Sound reduction ratings up to Rw 59 dB with optimised profiles and seals
  • Low specific weights per unit area for easy handling and obvious structural advantages
  • Different panel types offering a wide range of uses
  • Wide choice of high-quality surfaces, materials, colors and finishes
  • Variflex und Variflex Glass panels can be combined
  • Operating modes manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic
  • EPD certificates for all Dorma Hüppe systems
  • Building. Information. Modelling. For maximum efficiency in your planning work

Variflex 100

  • Super-stable design (steel-aluminium construction)
  • Low specific weights per unit area for easy handling and obvious structural advantages.
  • Sound reduction ratings up to Rw 59 dB with optimised profiles and seals.
  • Variflex and Variflex Glass can be combined
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic control

Variflex Glass

  • Transparency combined with sound reduction ratings up to Rw 52 dB.
  • Super-slender frame construction
  • Switchable Magic Glass – just operate a wall switch or remote control to change from crystal clear to opaque (option)
  • Smart blinds for visual privacy as and when required (option)
  • Can be combined with Variflex 100

Variflex 88

  • More sound insulation with a wall thickness of just 88 mm
  • Space savings in the stacking/parking area
  • Low specific weights per unit area with obvious structural advantages
  • Easy handling
  • Sound reduction ratings up to Rw 58 dB with optimised profiles and seals.
  • Tested by Fraunhofer IBP (Institute for Structural Physics)

Variflex ComfortDrive

  • Fully automatic operation at a click or with the control app
  • Effortless convenience with fast opening and closing speeds of up to 250 mm/s
  • Smart bus technology with customised programming
  • Reliable safety with system halt on contact with obstructions – German TÜV-tested and approved
  • Slender track profile

Variflex Acoustic

  • Acoustic surfaces specifically for the Variflex range of DORMA Hüppe operable partitions
  • Absorb noise to create an improved in-room ambience.
  • Two different surface finishes with outstanding absorption values
  • Surface finishes in four on-trend colours
  • E1 quality in perforated condition compliant with stringent German Fraunhofer Institute
  • WKI test criteria

Variflex EI 30

  • For passive fire protection
  • Partition system classified in accordance with the new Euronorm EN 13501-2
  • The movable wall construction provides acoustic insulation with sound reduction ratings up to Rw 57 dB
  • Can be equipped with a pass door tested compliant with EN 1634-1.

Maximum user friendliness

Variflex Manual
Standard Manual Operation

The manual version already offers a high degree of user convenience. The panels can be easily and safely slid by hand to the required position. The top and bottom sealing strips are then simply extended and braced in situ using the manual crank.

Variflex ComforTronic
Semi-automatic convenience

Operation with the aid of the ComforTronic system makes life even easier and positioning even more accurate. The panels are moved manually, while the sealing strips and extended and retracted under electronic control, eliminating the time and effort required for manual crankwork.

Variflex ComfortDrive
The premium fully automatic control

This fully automatic control system moves the panels at the push of a button, ensuring effortless, high-speed positioning with precision sealing strip extension to brace the panels in situ. The smart bus technology also means customised position programming.