Variflex 88 - Light in weight, easy to operate

The newly developed design exhibits an exceptionally high degree of imperviousness, complemented by optimised profiles and sealing strips to produce outstanding sound reduction values of up to Rw 58 dB. And with a wall thickness is just 88 mm, the weight per unit area is also significantly reduced, bringing both handling and structural benefits.

  • Sound reduction ratings up to Rw 58 dB with optimised profiles and seals.
  • Low specific weights per unit area for easy handling and obvious structural advantages
  • Smaller-dimensioned stacking areas and parking niches
  • Decorative melamine finishes from the "Classic Collection"

Variflex 88 – the future of room division

The lightest of sound-insulating movable wall systems for flexible room assignment better sound insulation achieved with a thinner partition wall – a challenge impressively met by Variflex 88.

Space savings in the parking area

More room with 12 percent less wall thickness. You save space – and space is expensive. With the flexible movable wall system Variflex 88, parking areas, stacking tracks and niches can be made smaller to improve overall spatial efficiency.

Significantly reduced specific weight per unit area

Variflex 88 reduces the load: Right at the planning stage, the reduced weight means less stringent structural requirements.

And the handling of the elements in day-to-day operations also requires less effort.

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