Variflex ComfortDrive for premium-grade control

The Variflex ComfortDrive model with advanced bus technology offers the ultimate in premium-grade control. This fully automatic control system moves the panels at the push of a button, ensuring high-speed positioning at speeds of up to 250 mm/s with precision sealing strip extension to clamp the elements in situ. Aside from the standard functions, you can also programme in individualised positions and personnel control modes.

  • High-speed travel to the required position
  • ComfortDrive track drive system with smart bus technology
  • Individually programmable for flexible room management
  • Reliable safety with system stop and reverse on contact with obstructions

Customised control and programming functions

Fully automatic operation from a control panel, Premium touchpanel display (optional), and soon also to be operable from a smartphone app. In addition to the standard functions "Open", "Close" and "Stop", special positions such as "Personnel" (1-panel open), “Gapped" and other freely selectable arrangements can be individually programmed and implemented.

Inherently safe if obstructed

It’s the clever technology that makes the Variflex such a special movable wall system. Its success derives from a smart combination of a multitude of intelligent details.

The integrated monitoring function in the ComfortDrive system halts and reverses the partition on contact with an obstruction.

High travel speed

Enhanced convenience thanks to rapid opening and closing speeds.

The fully automatic ComfortDrive smart control system moves the Variflex elementss into position at speeds of up to 250 mm/s with precision sealing strip extension to clamp them in situ.

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