Variflex Glass - Transparent Sound Insulation

Variflex Glass combines two highly desirable qualities: transparency and sound insulation. The room divisions provided by this movable wall system therefore offer the twin benefits of generous spaciousness and impressive sound attenuation with reduction ratings of up to Rw 52 dB (laboratory value per EN 10140).

Its other strengths include easy combinability with Variflex 100 elements, creating a system of uniform elegance with all the technical advantages of a genuine Variflex movable wall.

  • Transparency combined with Sound reduction ratings up to Rw 52 dB
  • Super slender frame construction
  • Switchable Magic Glass - from crystal clear to opaque (option)
  • Smart interal blinds for visual privacy as and when required (option)

Practical - with smart internal blinds

Equipped with internal blinds, Variflex Glass offers you the ultimate in flexibility.

Elegant blinds for privacy when closed and transparency when not. In the “bottom up” version they can be individually adjusted for optimal light incidence, with the additional option of a fixed intermediate stop (e.g. to create a fanlight effect).

Switchable Magic Glass - flexible discretion

Open to view or opaque for privacy? Magic Glass offers both. At the push of a button – on the wall or on your remote – you can transform the glass from transparent to translucent.

It’s a solution that could not be more practical for applications where transparent and opaque are both desirable on occasion.

Variflex and Variflex Glass – a great combination

The mix of opaque Variflex 100 and transparent Variflex Glass elements offers enormous flexibility for creative interior design.

The two element types are fully compatible, combining transparency and sound insulation to good effect.

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