Adaptable spaces for realistic training scenarios

In a world where demands on security staff and rescue workers are constantly evolving, the ability to adapt quickly to different operational environments is critical. Training facilities must therefore be designed to be as flexible as possible in order to be able to realistically portray a wide range of simulations – from urban scenarios to complex rescue operations.

Emergency services such as police, rescue and other security organisations regularly face challenges that require not only physical capabilities but also tactical skills. Proper preparation in a controlled but variable environment can be crucial to ensuring effective action in an emergency. Dorma Hüppe's movable wall systems with optional special equipment allow rooms to be quickly and efficiently adapted to each training session’s specific requirements.

Your partner for dynamic and effective training environments

Put your trust in Dorma Hüppe’s experience and innovation to optimally design your training rooms. Our systems are designed to quickly and easily allow different configurations that maximise the realism and effectiveness of training. Thus we support you in increasing the operational readiness and safety of your teams by preparing them for every challenge.

Deployment options


The room can be easily adapted to the specific exercise scenario for effective training.

Easy to use

Light weight and easy handling for reconfigurations in the shortest possible time.


From a urban canyon to a narrow corridor: realistic training for every risky mission.


Cameras can be attached to integrated media rails for documentation and debriefing.

Special forces of all kinds

Fire brigades and other rescue services can also practise different scenarios in a variable space.


Metal sills on the lower edges give the door elements a high degree of stability and sturdiness at every point in the grid system.

"Train for competency, not for time! Train for competency under different conditions. Flexibility in training ensures that we are ready for anything when real emergencies occur." 

Don Kaderabek, Niles Fire Department


Maximum flexibility for optimal preparation

One area, countless floor plan layouts: the movable wall systems from Dorma Hüppe let you realistically adapt the floor space and room situation to any exercise scenario and any group size.

Narrow grid dimensions for every room situation

The movable wall elements move in a stable rail system in the ceiling area, enabling even the smallest floor plans and room-in-room configurations with its close-meshed grid dimensions.

A new scenario in the shortest possible time

The movable wall elements are lightweight despite their robustness and can be quickly and easily moved to a different position in the rail system for a different training scenario.

As steadfast as your task force

The sturdy steel-aluminium construction has high impact resistance and is robust and durable. Metal sills on the lower edges of the door elements give them increased stability and sturdiness.

Debriefing as preparation

The optional integrated airline media rails can be used in a variety of ways including cameras attachments – everything for intensive follow-up work and thus optimal preparation.

Competent planning, comprehensive service

Well-versed in the needs of emergency services of all kinds, we support you and your team with many years of experience, modern technology and the right attitude.

Product solutions

Dorma Hüppe offers the right solution for every room design and space management application. Taking into account the special requirements of emergency services, the following products have proven particularly useful and effective. Our planning team will be happy to assist you with your individual design.

  • High stability thanks to robust and durable steel-aluminium construction
  • Low weight per unit area: easy handling and structural advantages
  • Versatile positioning of the elements in the close-meshed grid track system
  • High stability of the door elements thanks to metal thresholds on the bottom edges
  • Airline media rails can be integrated as an option

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