Rethinking pedagogy: For a dynamic education sector

Modern educational concepts require flexible and versatile learning environments. Instead of rigid classrooms and seminar rooms, schools and universities are increasingly relying on multifunctional educational infrastructure. This encourages the academic exchange of ideas as well as learners’ personal development.

Central, multifunctional meeting places that can be used flexibly as a foyer, auditorium or for events form the heart of progressive educational institutions. Dorma Hüppe’s intelligent movable wall systems enable these rooms to be quickly and easily transformed to suit the changing needs of teachers and learners.

With Dorma Hüppe’s solutions, rooms can be efficiently adapted to the dynamic requirements of modern educational concepts. Our systems support the creation of learning environments that are both functional and inspiring – ideal for an education that is geared towards the future.

Reference projects

Reichenbach High School, Ennepetal

The movable walls allow a variable use of space in the cafeteria and library areas.

US Middle School, Wiesbaden

The multifunctional meeting centre can be quickly and flexibly divided into smaller spatial units.

Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Lancashire

If required, three separate lecture halls can be transformed into a true auditorium maximum.

University of Nottingham

Whether a working group, seminar or plenary session – flexible room management offers the right set-up for every need.

IGS (integrated comprehensive school) Augustfehn

Space is created for a variety of teaching methods by combining (class)rooms.

University of Toronto

A perfect solution even for unusual spaces is provided by a sound-insulating movable wall between the lecture theatre and lounge area.

“When pedagogy, architecture and equipment come together,
real school development can be achieved.”

(Karin Doberer, LERNLANDSCHAFT®)


Dynamic spaces for bright minds

Sometimes classic face-to-face teaching is required, other times small group or team work is best – with the movable wall systems from Dorma Hüppe, classrooms can be quickly and flexibly adapted to differentiated learning methods.

The best sound insulation for focused learning

Opaque movable wall elements with a sound insulation rating of up to Rw 59 dB efficiently prevent distracting noises penetrating from one area of the room into another.

Glass for openness and far-reaching vision

Openness and far-reaching vision for contemplation and academic excellence can only arise in an appropriate atmosphere. Glass creates this bright, friendly learning atmosphere, and glass and opaque elements can be combined as desired.

Child’s play to use

Our movable wall elements are easy to operate, so your energy can be fully focussed on teaching and learning: their low weight per unit area makes them easy to handle, while optional modern control units ensure they can be controlled at the touch of a button.

Ideal acoustics for high speech intelligibility

Optionally integrated acoustic boards ensure optimal speaking and listening conditions in the room – because you can only understand an idea if you can hear it!

Competent planning, comprehensive service

Well-versed in the education sector’s needs, we support each institution with decades of experience, cutting-edge technology and a proactive attitude. Besides planning, Dorma Hüppe offers expert service for the sustainable operation of your movable wall system.

Product solutions

Dorma Hüppe offers the right solution for every room design and room management application in the education sector. Taking into account the special requirements in the school and education sectors, the following products have proven particularly useful and effective.

Variflex 100

  • Robust and durable steel-aluminium construction for high load-bearing capacity
  • Easy handling and static advantages thanks to low weight per unit area
  • Parallel events thanks to sound insulation of up to Rw 59 dB
  • Choice of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation
  • Low VOC emission values with certified verification
  • Certified sustainability (EPD) and excellent reference values for green building projects

Variflex 100

Variflex Glass

  • Open and inviting atmosphere thanks to glass elements, even for doors
  • Parallel events thanks to sound insulation of up to Rw 52 dB
  • Seamless integration into existing concepts thanks to minimal frame construction
  • Switchable glass or internal blinds (optional) for privacy protection at will

Variflex Glass

Variflex EI30

  • EN 13501-2 classified partition wall system for preventive fire protection
  • Fire resistance duration of 30 minutes when closed saves lives
  • Undisturbed learning and working with sound insulation of up to Rw 57 dB
  • Can be fitted with a passage door tested in accordance with EN 1634-1

Variflex EI30

Variflex Acoustics

  • Optimum sense of space at events thanks to effective sound absorption
  • Sound absorption coefficient of up to αw = 0.70 can be combined with sound insulation of up to 57 dB
  • Premium micro-acoustic surfaces for an elegant look
  • Low partition wall thickness of max. 120 mm with acoustic construction on both sides
  • Healthy well-being thanks to extremely low VOC emission values

Variflex Acoustic

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