Everything is changing: flexible spaces for creative leisure activities

In an industry as diverse and changeable as the leisure sector, a flexible room design is crucial. Dance schools, theatres, cultural venues, gyms and sports clubs need environments that can be adapted quickly and efficiently to a wide variety of activities. Whether it’s for dancing classes in small groups, large-scale performances or social gatherings – each room must offer the opportunity to meet changing requirements.

Leisure facilities are not just for sport and culture, but are also places that foster community and social interaction. The demands on such spaces are high, because they must be both functional and welcoming. The modular movable wall systems from Dorma Hüppe offer the flexibility needed to quickly transform rooms – from intimate rehearsal rooms to wide halls for large events.

You can rely on Dorma Hüppe’s experience to make your leisure spaces both adaptable and appealing. Our sophisticated solutions not only allow you to create space for various activities, but also an atmosphere in which visitors and participants can feel comfortable and develop. You can trust our systems not only to meet functional requirements but aesthetic ones as well, and thus support your business’s success.

Reference projects

Künstlerhaus Spiekeroog

Glass elements provide an open, transparent atmosphere for changing workshops, concerts and exhibitions.

Grimmwelt Kassel

The catering and event location can be flexibly separated from other public areas.

Kulturhauscafé, Bad Wörishofen

The elegant atmosphere in the bar and lounge remains visible to spa visitors even when the cafeteria is closed.

Volvo Centre, Regensdorf, Switzerland

The movable glass wall between the sales room and the showroom keeps everything bright and transparent even when closed.

Dance Academy Gutmann, Freiburg

Perfect for dance schools and other event locations: transparency and sound insulation perfectly combined.

Overkill Shop, Berlin

Urban lifestyle made chic, with variable areas for events and limited sneaker releases.

“In the modern economy, flexibility is more than an asset: it’s a necessity. This is especially true in industries like hospitality and entertainment, where customer preferences can change almost overnight.”

(Richard Branson)


Flexible space adds diversity to your offer

Leisure, sport and culture providers must have differentiated formats ready for their users and customers. Movable wall systems from Dorma Hüppe allow rooms to be quickly and flexibly adapted to different requirements.

Very good sound insulation for parallel events

Opaque movable wall elements with a sound insulation rating of up to Rw 59 dB efficiently prevent distracting noises penetrating from one area of the room into another.

Glass creates an atmosphere of wellbeing

Transparent elements create a bright, friendly room atmosphere in modern leisure and entertainment, in which both customers and employees feel comfortable. Glass and opaque elements can be combined as desired.

Easy handling for a quick conversion

The movable wall elements are compact and lightweight, which makes them easy to handle. The ComfortDrive Premium control also allows the walls to be moved quickly and effortlessly at the touch of a button, ideal for quickly switching between different event formats.

Diverse design options for exceptional worlds of leisure

We offer an extensive selection of element types and surfaces that integrate seamlessly into any trade fair concept. Highly effective acoustic boards also ensure optimum sound insulation and absorption, for an undisturbed atmosphere even when your customers are turning up the heat.

Competent planning, comprehensive service

We would be delighted to advise you and find the right solution for your new building or conversion project. In addition to planning, Dorma Hüppe offers a competent service for the sustainable operation of your movable wall system.

Product solutions

Dorma Hüppe offers the right solution for every room design and space management application. Taking into account the special requirements of the leisure and entertainment business, the following products have proven particularly useful and effective.

Variflex 100

  • Robust and durable steel-aluminium construction for high load-bearing capacity
  • Easy handling and static advantages thanks to low weight per unit area
  • Parallel events thanks to sound insulation of up to Rw 59 dB
  • Choice of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation
  • Low VOC emission values with certified verification
  • Certified sustainability and excellent reference values for green building projects

Variflex 100

Variflex Glass

  • Open and inviting atmosphere thanks to glass elements, even for doors
  • Parallel events thanks to sound insulation of up to Rw 52 dB
  • Seamless integration into existing concepts thanks to minimal frame construction
  • Switchable glass or internal blinds (optional) for privacy protection at will

Variflex Glass


  • Architectural accents and creative scope with glass
  • Sophisticated design thanks to linear design profiles
  • Intelligent room solutions for flexible leisure activities
  • Innovative locking and security technology


Skyfold Zenith

  • Seamless integration into any leisure environment thanks to integrated ceiling closure
  • Parallel events thanks to sound insulation of up to Rw 59 dB
  • Effortless control at the touch of a button, fully automatic, fast and reliable
  • Stable and flat lightweight from 29 kg/m²
  • Optionally optimised sense of space thanks to effective sound absorption

Skyfold Zenith

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