Flexibility in the service of health and social care

Health and social care facilities are under constant pressure to be efficient and adaptable. Changing needs, legal requirements and unforeseen exceptional situations require dynamic space management.

Dorma Hüppe’s modular movable wall systems allow room utilisation to be quickly adjusted without losing sight of operational efficiency. Whether converting multi-bed rooms into single rooms in medical facilities, training rooms for employees, special solutions for X-ray rooms or multifunctional rooms in nursing homes for various activities – our systems support optimised use of space and improve the wellbeing of patients and residents. 

By creating multifunctional areas, institutions can better respond to the individual and collective needs of their users. Our solutions help you adapt spaces quickly and effectively to ensure high-quality care and support.

Reference projects

Warwick Hospital

The movable walls can be used to respond quickly and conveniently to different room requirements.

Fulda Clinic

Room sizing as required in radiology, training rooms and conference rooms in the chief medical department.

Nursing Home, Torgau

Movable walls in retirement homes create a sense of security in small groups, or allow participation in shared activities on a larger scale.

Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids, Michigan

While learning is taking place in one half of the training room, lessons are being prepared in the other.

Loma Linda University Centennial Complex

Space-saving vertical Skyfold movable walls enable the use of space in functional rooms to change rapidly.

University of California, San Francisco

The Faculty of Medicine's anatomy laboratory can be divided by a vertical movable wall to offer parallel seminars.

“Healing starts by adapting the environment to the person, not the person to the environment.”

(Basic principle of the doctrine of salvation)


More space, more flexibility, more options

Whether in medical care, nursing, training or administration — the entire health and social services sector must respond flexibly to current requirements. Movable wall systems from Dorma Hüppe allow the utilisation of space to be adapted to the respective requirements quickly and economically.

Best sound insulation for discretion and privacy

Opaque movable wall elements with a sound insulation rating of up to Rw 59 dB efficiently prevent distracting noises penetrating from one area of the room into another.

A feel-good atmosphere thanks to glass

Transparent elements create a bright, friendly atmosphere for patients and staff. Glass and opaque elements can be combined as desired. Practical glass elements with internal blinds offer either more openness or more privacy.

Unobtrusive and easy to handle

The movable wall elements are parked in a small area to save space and their low weight per unit area makes them easy to handle. Modern and intuitive operating options allow staff to concentrate on the essentials: care and support.

Attractive and hygienic

Surfaces made from a variety of materials combine visual aesthetics with practical functionality. The elements can be fitted with antibacterial surfaces.

Competent planning, comprehensive service

Well-versed in health and social care needs, we support every provider with experience, cutting-edge technology and a proactive attitude. Besides planning, Dorma Hüppe offers expert service for the sustainable operation of your movable wall system.

Product solutions

Dorma Hüppe offers the right solution for every room design and space management application. Taking into account the special requirements in health and social care, the following products have proven particularly useful and effective.

Variflex 100

  • Robust and durable steel-aluminium construction for high load-bearing capacity
  • Easy handling and static advantages thanks to low weight per unit area
  • Parallel events thanks to sound insulation of up to Rw 59 dB
  • Choice of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation
  • Low VOC emission values with certified verification
  • Certified sustainability and excellent reference values for green building projects

Variflex 100

Variflex Glass

  • Open and inviting atmosphere thanks to glass elements, even with doors
  • Parallel events thanks to sound insulation of up to Rw 52 dB
  • Seamless integration into existing concepts thanks to minimal frame construction
  • Switchable glass or internal blinds (optional) for privacy at will

Variflex Glass


  • Architectural accents and creative scope with glass
  • Sophisticated design thanks to linear design profiles
  • Intelligent room solutions for flexible care concepts
  • Innovative locking and safety technology


Skyfold Zenith

  • Seamless integration into the architecture thanks to integrated ceiling closure
  • Parallel events thanks to sound insulation of up to Rw 59 dB
  • Effortless control at the touch of a button, fully automatic, fast and reliable
  • Stable and flat lightweight from 29 kg/m²
  • Optionally optimised sense of space thanks to effective sound absorption

Skyfold Zenith

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