Flexibility in religious premises: Adapting to the community of today

In an era of changing community structures, where both space requirements and event formats can vary, the true strength of flexible space design is ever more apparent. Whether for silent meditation, vibrant youth groups or social gatherings, every faith community faces the challenge of dynamically adapting its spaces to the needs of its members.

Places of faith are not only places of devotion, but also living centres of community and interaction. To this end, it is essential that physical space keeps pace with spiritual and social functions. Dorma Hüppe modular movable wall systems allow large meeting rooms to be quickly divided into smaller, more intimate areas or expanded as needed. This is particularly valuable in times when communities need to use their spaces efficiently.

Trust Dorma Hüppe to make your premises as flexible and dynamic as community life requires. We can help you create space for growth and change so that your faith community remains a place of gathering and empowerment in the future.

Reference projects

Heidelberg Lutheran Church

Variflex movable walls ensure room sizes can be adapted perfectly to the type and number of event participants.

St Christopher's Church, Zwickau

A modern community centre in which church and community spaces can be used in a multifunctional way.

Church in Grub, Switzerland

Significant energy savings realised in compliance with the preservation order thanks to the flexible separation of the nave and foyer

Emmaus community centre, Eppstein

Movable room partitioning offers the option of separate use of the prayer room and the apse. 

Heart of Jesus Parish Centre, Nuremberg

The bright, spacious building offers a wide range of rooms for a lively community life.

Temple Israel, Hollywood USA

The traditional church has a large hall that can be transformed for any occasion using vertical partitioning technology.

“A house must be useful, its use determines its shape, and its shape changes over time according to the needs of its inhabitants.”



More space, more flexibility, more togetherness 

For a lively congregational life with a wide range of activities, churches need a variable supply of space. Movable wall systems from Dorma Hüppe 
allow spaces to be quickly, easily and economically adapted to their respective requirements.

Glass creates an open state of mind

Transparent elements create a bright, friendly room atmosphere in which all participants feel comfortable, thus increasing the appeal of each community centre and space for interaction.

The best sound insulation for a diverse community

Movable wall elements with a sound insulation rating of up to Rw 59 dB enable varied use of space, for example a silent devotion right next to lively community life.

Modern, easy operation

Contemporary and intuitive operating options allow the community to focus on what matters: devotion, interaction and community life.

Freedom of choice in surfaces and finishes

Our movable wall solutions impress with a wide range of element types and surface finishes, allowing your faith centre to combine sophisticated design with high functionality.

Competent planning, comprehensive service

Well-versed in the needs of community centres and sites of devotion, we support each faith community with the right experience, technology and attitude.

Product solutions

Dorma Hüppe offers the right solution for every room design and space management application. Taking into account the special requirements of faith groups and community centres, the following products have proven particularly useful and effective. Our planning team will be happy to assist you with your individual design.

Variflex 100

  • Robust and durable steel-aluminium construction for high load-bearing capacity
  • Easy handling and static advantages thanks to low weight per unit area
  • Parallel events thanks to sound insulation of up to Rw 59 dB
  • Choice of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation
  • Low VOC emission values with certified verification
  • Certified sustainability and excellent reference values for green building projects

Variflex 100

Variflex Glass

  • Open and inviting atmosphere thanks to glass elements, even for doors
  • Parallel events thanks to sound insulation of up to Rw 52 dB
  • Seamless integration into existing concepts thanks to minimal frame construction
  • Switchable glass or internal blinds (optional) for privacy protection at will

Variflex Glass


  • Architectural accents and creative scope with glass
  • Sophisticated design thanks to linear design profiles
  • Intelligent room solutions for flexible leisure activities
  • Innovative locking and security technology


Variflex ComfortDrive

  • Fast event changeover thanks to assembly/dismantling speeds of up to 250 mm/s
  • Convenient premium control with a click
  • Modern BUS technology enables customised programming for intelligent room management
  • TÜV-certified safety for employees and customers thanks to integrated automatic stop function

Variflex ComfortDrive

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